A Visual Journey from inspiration to idea

Where I was..Where I am.. — February 27, 2016

Where I was..Where I am..

“DON’T WAIT FOR INSPIRATION” read it somewhere. I think these words were the need of hour. I was struggling with blockage of ideas. For a design student, everything is tolerable except the clueless mind.

 I am so habitual of spending my days and nights in planning the things that even if I am idol (which I am generally not) my mind stays busy in its own thoughts and imagination. 

When I can’t find any idea, I flip the pages of my lock-book. 

While I was looking at my doodles, I observed that all the elements and the motifs got layers. First layer is pigment..second layer is shape..third layer is branching. YES!! that’s it!!! I am gonna explore it.

A form coming out of it’s confined figure has an essence of freedom.

So, here it is.. my last swatch of this project..

Stitching the OHP was time taking..but worth it 🙂

I imagine this swatch as a sitting arrangement or a light installation.

I hope you like it.

CREATED BY :- Anupriya Gupta

Caged — February 24, 2016


Freedom is to break free the walls of obstructions. I guess the branches of the Art Nouveau tree seems like a cage to me. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, the style of my theme is organic. It looks like something is growing out from the whiplash lines.

What about something that blooms out of the cage? I can’t talk in air..Time to explore on a sheet!!!!


The wire can be a good complimentary material of a branch and can give a look of a cage. Though it was tough to handle it at the beginning yet things got better with time.

So, here is the outcome of my whole process:-

                                      OUT OF THE CAGE

The whit color of flower gives me the sense of purity i.e. something is coming clean out of the obstacles. 

This swatch can be used as Garden seating, like a dome. The flower can tent the structure from rain.

CREATED BY :- Anupriya Gupta

Colors of Freedom —

Colors of Freedom

Imagine a world without colors. Hard..isn’t it? What if we had the freedom to choose colors of object in the way we see them?  My sky would had my kind of blue. I always wanted to paint the world in my way..ummm..I can color the world of Art Nouveau…

I flipped the pages of my lock-book in order to get the inspiration and there I saw a motif of flower with sensitive and delicate petals. OK!! That’s gonna be the central element. So I started with some explorations:-



I was clueless. If I had used paper then color would have ruin the texture of it. Any plastic sheet wouldn’t bring that softness in the way it should be. Clay!!! I can mold it in the way I want by doing variation with its thickness. 😀


I imagine this swatch as a P.O.P. design for ceiling and a fountain.

CREATED BY :- Anupriya Gupta


Feathers of Beauty —

Feathers of Beauty

When you think about freedom..what is the first thing that comes in your mind? Some thing like a bird or firework. Well..I thought about a peacock that dances in the rain to adorn the no one can knock it it is free. 🙂

I turned the pages of my lock-book in order to find a motif for my essence. And there I saw a beautiful peacock motif. Art Nouveau has its branches to peacocks, dragon flies, flora and fauna.

                                                Explorations of Peacock Feather

After discussing and editing my visual exploration,I did material exploration.


                                                            Swatch of A Peacock Feather 

It was really interesting. Fun was in process. Outcome made me feel like I have got a sweet fruit after continuous hardwork. it isn’t a joke btw 😛

This swatch can be used as a print that can be applied in garments or wallpaper.

Variation in texture from rough to smooth also captivates the essence.

Created by :- Anupriya Gupta


Did I make it 🙆 — February 17, 2016

Did I make it 🙆

You know what!! After unstoppable thinking and drawing process, I jumped into the pit called stress. Art Nouveau is so beautiful and look at my work!!! Not able to do justice with my topic.

I was surprised to see that my faculty could also notice a downfall in my performance. They guided me and suggested me different ways to meet my desire (Swatch). 😊😊

I am still shocked to see that I’ve made it –

20160224_081555 - Copy

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Think..Draw..Make! —


I think..I am not able to think. Brain stopped, mind blocked, confusion non stop, faculty don’t wanna talk…ahhh my ideas are flop.

I wanna make something that is eye catchy and feels hearts with happiness but here no one wanna look at my work 😭😭😭😭

Okay Anu!! RELAX!

After spending my entire week in exploring Delhi.. I had to get back to the track so I picked up my pen and a A3 sheet. Magic did not happen but yeah I got a bit of understanding of my swatch form. Lemme show you how it was:-






Don’t worry..Now I think I can think 😂😂😂

Author- Anupriya Gupta

A step ahead💃 —

A step ahead💃

After scribbling away my heart, it was the time to give the form to my strokes. A swatch is the visual representation of a sample that can be used in any product development.  But..but..but before developing something like that I had to select an essence for my theme. 🙈🙈🙈🙈

Every time I look my lock book, each element gives me the feel of freedom. Yes!!! That’s my essence.

So here I tried some explorations :-

                                          VISUAL EXPLORATIONS 

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Scribble away..✒ — February 11, 2016

Scribble away..✒

This tour of ups and downs has made me realize so many things. Insecurities, inferiority complex, tension and illness surrounded my world. I know my work quality has been affected yet to give up is not my style.

I was instructed to scribble and doodle some designs that are related to the motifs of my inspiration board. This sounded quite boring to me. Motifs..motifs..motifs!!! Oh God!!! But as I said I could not give up. After 1 week of excuses and rejection, I anyhow picked up a pencil and magic happened. Lemme show you all –IMG-20160211-WA0002IMG-20160211-WA0001 I know it looks like a diagram of biology but I loved doing it. Continue reading

My broken pieces — February 10, 2016
Material Board. —

Material Board.

As a design student, I should know how to associate different materials with my topic. I feel confused.. already so many redos. 😦

I thought material board is about pasting materials randomly. My is not trueee!!! I any how made one and got a redo again.

Initial Material Board

It is okay. I have made another. 🙂

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